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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play?

The gaming fee at Boards & Brews is $5/person and gives you access to the unique space we have created and our ever-growing library of over 1700+ games.

We are proud of our collection - one of the largest in the country - and we invest a great deal of money to make it available to you. Your $5 allows you to enjoy this vast collection without the monetary investment, time spent tracking down rare games, and painstaking efforts managing and replacing missing game pieces (all labors of love, of course!). We're confident that once surrounded by shelves of well over one thousand games you'll understand why the $5 is well worth it.

Still, we love seeing you all as often as we can, and if you're just grabbing a quick drink or bite to eat at the bar and not playing games, you typically won't be charged a gaming fee.

What is your reservation policy?

Boards & Brews operates primary on a first come, first served basis with a waitlist to accomodate groups that arrive while we are full. Due to the nature of the cafe, it is often difficult to predict exactly when groups will finish their games and tables will open up, but we will happily take your name and phone number when you arrive and call/text you when an appropriate table for your group has opened up.

That said, we do our best to take reservations for large groups of 8 or more, so feel free to call, email, or Facebook message us to inquire about reservation availability for your large group.

Is the cafe family friendly?

Yes! A big part of our mission at Boards & Brews is providing a welcoming space where drinking isn't the only way to have fun. As such, we welcome guests under 21 day and night and encourage everyone to try us out for an afternoon or evening of family gaming.

However, we do ask that families with small children respect the other gamers in the cafe and plan accordingly if noise is likely to be an issue. Parents should also be aware that while we always welcome gamers of all ages, the atmosphere on weekend nights naturally tends to be louder and rowdier than weekdays, so again, plan accordingly. Both weekday and weekend afternoons are a safe bet for a more calm, relaxed day of family gaming.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

We do not currently allow outside food or drink in the cafe, and we thank all our guests for respecting this policy. As a restaurant and bar, most of our sales come from food and drink, and we need this revenue to stay afloat, continue to build our game library, and provide you the best experience possible.

We try our best to provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options for our guests, but if you have dietary restrictions you feel our menu does not satisfy don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do everything we can to accomodate your needs.

Can I bring my own games?

Of course! You can always bring your own games to the cafe to play with friends or to share with someone new.

Guests who chose to bring their own games will still be charged a $5 fee for the day, as this fee covers table space in the cafe as well as access to the library. Who knows though, if you bring something new, exciting, or hard to find there's always a chance we'll waive your fee for a chance to play!

Do you have a private space for my group?

Boards & Brews does have a private room - The Queen Mary - available for reservation. This room is designed for a quieter, more private gaming experience for up to 10 adults (or a few more if you're willing to really pack it in). It has become a very popular place for birthdays, bachelor parties, and Dungeons & Dragons nights!

The Queen Mary costs $150 to reserve and is typically available to book in afternoon (11AM-5PM) and evening (5:30PM-close) blocks, though this is flexible depending on your needs and the availability of the room. The $150 fee covers game fees (normally $5/person) for you and your group and guarantees you a private space to play games.

Can I rent out the cafe for my party or special event?

Yes, the entire cafe is available to rent out for your next corporate event, party, or other occasion. We provide you with our lively environment, massive game library, dedicated game teachers, and exceptional food and drink - all guaranteed to create a fun and engaging experience that you and your guests won't soon forget.

In addition to our regular menu, we offer a customizable, buffet-style catering menu crafted to best satify the tastes and needs of the large parties enjoying our space. Cash and open bar options are also available.

Pricing for private events will vary based on your specific needs. If you are planning an event and think that Boards & Brews would provide the unique experience you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to discuss everything we can do to make your event a memorable one.

Should I order at the bar?

No - Boards & Brews is a full-service restaurant, so you'll have a server to take orders and should never have to leave your game to enjoy delicious food and drink while you play.

Do you accept game donations?

Yes! We'd love to take the old games currently gathering dust in your attic off your hands. It's always exciting to add new games to our library, as we never quite know which particular game is going to bring that rush of nostalgia and delight to any given person. We're also always grateful for copies of the classics already in our collection, as it's important to have backups ready in the inevitable cases of damaged boards and lost pieces.

Feel free to drop by any time during business hours with donations, or contact us to arrange to meet another time if you're unable to make it in during our normal hours.